Have you noticed how ubiquitous advertising has become?

You can’t watch a video these days or look at a news report without being bombarded with adverts.

Let me ask you another question:

As you go out and about in the World or use the internet, you have seen between 420 and 11,000 adverts each day (dependent upon your life style and location). Of those which you saw yesterday, how many can you remember?

Most advertising has gone way past the point of diminishing returns whereby the cost exceeds the revenue.


The blunderbuss was a gun with a bell shaped mouth which sprayed bits of metal all over the place in the hope of hitting something vital. It didn’t work and so never caught on. This is what modern advertising looks like in which a 0.2% response rate is considered to be good! So 99.8% of advertising is wasted cost and it can only get worse because the principle upon which it is based is not in accord with reality.

“Out There”, there are people looking for your product or service.
Advertising is based upon the hope that, if you broadcast a sufficient number of adverts then some of those potential customers will see it. Experience may well have taught you just how slim this hope can be.

How would it be if, instead of spending on advertising, you set up an informational net which automatically establishes a resonance with people seeking your product and pulls them towards you? And all at zero cost!

We are talking here of the complete elimination of advertising and a 100% response rate!

I have done almost no paid advertising for many, many years (and the little I have done didn’t work) and still have a very nice, regular income.
Isn’t it time you did the same?

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