Airport and other “Security” Issues


People going into an airport or sports arena or just going shopping have a fairly uniform thought pattern. This should be obvious to users of QuantuMarketing, otherwise they wouldn’t be there; someone who has left their home with the intention of buying a cauliflower would be severely shocked to find themself entering a football stadium. Conversely, someone who had the intent to go to a football match would be most bewildered to find themself leaving a farmer’s market with a cauliflower in their hand. Does this make sense to you?

If you view a crowd anywhere, you will perceive this universal common intent. To users of QuantuMarketing this becomes visible after only a few weeks daily practice. It is one of the nice side effects. If, in that crowd, there is someone with a very different intent such as detonating a bomb or even stealing wallets and purses then that person’s energy will be so different to everyone else’s – very much like a poppy in a wheat field – that they can be immediately spotted and isolated.

This brings the cost of security down to almost nothing and raises the effectiveness to 100% because there cannot be any exception to this. Even a machine built to look like a human will look extremely peculiar to a QuantuMarketeer.

The above is, of course, a “could be”. There is something else which is definite is! Click on the “side effects” tab to find out about it.

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