Side Effects


There are aspects of QuantuMarketing which affect your personal life.
A lot of this has to do with the slipperiness of time and Quantum Entanglement. Once you have decided to go from point A to point B then both become simultaneously entangled in your life energy. If, however, some other factor(s) prevent your life energy being present at point B, then you will be unable to perceive your being there until that “blockage on the line” has passed. This may sound a little clumsy at first but the major part of the problem in trying to explain such things is that we don’t, as yet, have any verbs or grammatical structures which describe reflexive time, only linear time.

After a few weeks’ daily practice you will find that, when you go on a journey, no matter how short, you will see yourself arriving; If you cannot see your arrival then you should definitely not depart! More often than not, there is some potential “blockage” on the way and simply delaying departure avoids it, i.e., as soon as you can see yourself arriving, it is safe to depart. Sometimes, if the safe arrival cannot be seen for some time then the proposed journey should be cancelled. This has, in fact, only happened to me twice and resulted in my “failing” to be involved in riots which lasted several days.

Similarly, you may receive an invitation to some event or other; maybe just a birthday party, maybe something involving many more people. Receiving the invitation establishes the Quantum Entanglement described in the first paragraph and you will instantly know whether the event is, for example, something which will enhance or exhaust you.

Constant practice will increase your awareness and let you create a much easier life for yourself. Other useful side-effects will also gradually appear.

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