The History


Originally developed in 2006 to make use of these particular properties of Quantum Physics, QuantuMarketing has proven itself for more than a decade.

Karma Singh was, perhaps, the first to realise that if there are resonances in the morpho-genetic fields which enable anyone to manifest anything that they want (the principle of The Law of Attraction, available in its most potent form in “The Key to Luck”) then, the corollary must apply: If someone wants something particular, even if they don’t use any of the techniques to focus and intensify the fulfilment of their wishes, then that which they are seeking must exist or be brought into existence.

Now, the few who use methods such as “The Key to Luck” are by no means the only ones who have desires. Using exactly the same principle which causes the Law of Attraction to function, it is possible to create a highly focussed energy flow which reaches out not to those consciously creating the fulfilment of their desires but rather to the many who hold their desires as a vague “wouldn’t it be nice” wish.

Thanks to his vast experience in this field, Karma Singh has created a programme which does exactly this.

Now with this 2017 edition containing some updates to bring it into line with the all the latest developments and discoveries in this, the fastest growing area of human knowledge, QuantuMarketing makes its decennial relaunch.

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