What is QuantuMarketing?


The newly named “Quantum Fields”, also known under many other appellations both ancient and modern, are the ubiquitous multi-dimensional fields of energy and information. Not only do these contain the full spectrum of unlimited possibilities explained in layman’s terms in the video “What the Bleep do we Know” and, in more detail, the extended version “Further down the Rabbit Hole” they are also that which makes ordered and coherent life upon this and other planets possible.

It is from the Quantum Fields and, specifically, the Human Morpho-Genetic Field that each of us constantly takes up the information which enables ordered growth and repair of our bodies. This is why, when these informational flows get distorted by radiation, electro smog or even emotional discharges from other people the human body loses coherence and we say that it is ill.

This new knowledge is why effective healing is moving more and more away from chemical medicine, which was never more than a carrier for the necessary informational correction, towards Quantum Biophysics which shows how to make the informational correction directly (and, incidentally, reducing health care costs by up to 90%).

I mention this all as a prelude to the introduction to something very new which follows here.

Human beings not only take up information from the Human Morpho-Genetic Field, they give information into it. Amongst this information are their wishes and desires – the things, people and services that they want.

If you can establish a resonance with these people then you can, literally, pull them into contact with you but ONLY those people who are specifically looking for exactly what it is that you are offering.

This is what QuantuMarketing does.

We are talking of a 100% response rate here!

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